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Hotel Zebru

Family Wieser
I-39029 Sulden am Ortler (BZ)
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Hiking in Sulden's Winter Wonderland

For romantics, nature lover's and those who don't ski, we offer a 12 kiliometre trail around the valley - perfect for a romatic hike through the Winter Wonderland around Sulden.

Winter hiking in South Tyrol

Winter sports in South Tyrol

Snowshoe hiking in South Tyrol

  Snowshoe hikes - a meditative walk to improve your condition.  The Eskimos do it, the Laplanders do it, and the Samis do it - snowshoeing! Snowshoe hiking is easy to learn and a great way to move when the snow is deep.

Snowshoe hiking
, like Nordic Walking, improves the condition. Snowshoe hiking is a hot tip for all romantics: on the slopes with the one you love, you travel together through the glittering landscape and commune with nature.

Our Snowshoe Service:
Hotel Zebru offers snowshoes, poles, and gaiters for guests's use. So don't forget to pack solid footwear and winter clothers for a wonderful snowshoe hike through Sulden's winter landscape.