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Energy Balancing Massage, according to "Piroche"

The tissues will be purified by an efficient vacuum drainage, promoting cell regeneration. The body's natural balance will be restored.

Ca. 50 Min.
€ 50,00

Anti-Cellulite Massage, according to "Piroche"

Using bio-energetic vacuum drainage and individually prepared products, we will treat the affected areas and the tissues will be purified, strengthened and tightened.

Ca. 55 Min.
€ 55,00

Stimulating Foot Sole Massage, according to Hanne Marquart

Comfort and inner balance by stimulating the pressure points that affect bones and organs.

Ca. 40 Min.
€ 45,00

La Stone Therapy

Experience the power of stones--- La Stone Therapy is a fascinating collaboration between massage, energy, and the pleasant effects of hot basalt and cold marble. This therapy brings harmony and balance to our lives. Together with intense massage techniques, circulation is improved, muscles are deeply relaxed, and the recuperative powers in the body are activated, ending in a feeling of complete comfort.

Ca. 75 Min.
€ 85,00

Padabhyanga - Ayurvedic Foot Massage with Warm Sesame-Herb Oil

This Ayurvedish foot massage has a balancing effect on stress, sleep disorders, feeling of coldness and inner unease.

Ca. 50 Min.
€ 55,00

Kundalini - Ayurvedic Back Massage with Warm Sesame-Herb Oil

Kundalini is a special spinal massage with medicated herbal oil. It is a wonderful complement to the practice of yoga and meditation on the one hand, and an effective therapy for all kinds of back disorders and neural problems on the other.
Ca. 50 Min.
€ 55,00