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Hotel Zebru

Family Wieser
I-39029 Sulden am Ortler (BZ)
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Our massages


Partial massage

In this case the massage would be individually adapted to you

Ca. 25 Min.
€ 32,00

Athletic Massage (Leg and Foot)

Recommended after sports, because this massage for the foot and leg muscles helps in the production of joint lubricant in the joints.

Ca. 25 Min.
€ 32,00

Relaxing Indulgence Massage with scented oils

Enjoy a healthy, relaxing massage with scented oils.

Ca. 50 Min.
€ 55,00

Total Body Massage

The muscles are relaxed, the blood and lymph systems are promoted, and tenseness is released.

Ca. 50 Min.
€ 50,00